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Baia Yachts have been produced as semi-custom, high performance yachts in Italy since 1961, originally under the company name Mericraft, and now known as Cantieri di Baia. Baia’s shipyard is found at the Gulf of Pozzuoli, near Naples, Italy; this area has been an ancient Roman harbor dating back to centuries B.C. The facilities are home to a number of integrated companies serving Baia exclusively. Baia has consistently been an Italian leader in adapting to advanced technologies. Baia started to create yacht cruisers with a rounded glass windshield as part of a convertible hard top offering. The hull construction process at Baia ensures the even distribution of the laminates and their associated mechanical attributes. The current fleet of Baia manufactured yachts range from 48 to 82 feet in length.

Baia Yachts
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