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CRN Yachts brings mega yachts to the Italian Ferretti Group family of yacht businesses. Sanzio Nicolini founded CRN in 1963, first building small craft, and then rapidly changing over to production of large yachts. Virtually since the company’s inception, its shipyard in Ancona, Italy has been manufacturing luxury yachts with steel hulls and an aluminum superstructure. The CRN bow structure is unmistakably recognizable. CRN’s building projects are mega yachts up to 197 feet in length, and the overall company philosophy for yachts is to mix luxury, comfort, and high performance. CRN develops solid relationships between customers and the shipyard, resulting in achievement of a unique product. In the 1980s, the CRN customers were predominantly Greek owners and rulers of the Middle East. In this context, the yachts grew in size, ranging between 32 and 61 meters. Palmerini become the largest shareholder, and in 1980 began construction of the new headquarters at the Ancona shipyard, reorganizing the company. In the 1990s and 2000s, with the outbreak of the Gulf War, the Middle East market suffered a sharp slowdown. In 1999, the Ferretti Group acquired the CRN shipyard. In January of 2012 CRN, like all brands of the Ferretti Group, was involved in the transition to the new Chinese-owned SHIG-Weichai Group.

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