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Endeavour Yachts was founded in 1974 by John Brooks and Rob Valdes in Largo, Florida. To get their fledgling company off the ground Ted Irwin, who was then located in Tampa Bay, gave Brooks and Valdes the molds for his 1970 vintage Irwin 32 for a minor stake in the company. Endeavours' in-house production and design person Dennis Robbins took the Irwin 32, modified it, and named it the Endeavour 32. It was introduced in 1975 and just under 6002 were built during its production run. The early Endeavours (E32, E37, and E43) were simple, straight-forward boats with outboard chainplates, short rigs, and strong, moderate hulls using a combination of polyester resin and fiberglass woven roving and multi-directional chopped strand fiber. The 1980s ushered in a new era in boat building with more performance-oriented designs and updated construction methods. Also the charter market was growing, which demanded more comfortable boats, so the company introduced the Endeavour 40 in 1981. In 1984, America's Cup designer Johan Valentijn was commissioned to design the Endeavour 38, and Bruce Kelley the Endeavour 33 and Endeavour 35. By 1985, Johan Valentijn had designed the Endeavour 42 and Endeavour 51 and the company was now almost exclusively building center cockpit boats for the charter trade and cruising families. In 1986 John Brooks closed the doors and the company was bought out of bankruptcy by Coastal Financial Corporation of Denver. Coastal Finance Corporation sold it again in 1991, and after several more changes in ownership, it became the builder of multi-hulls called the Endeavour Catamaran Corporation. Although it's a different company today producing cruising catamarans, they briefly (unconfirmed) produced several custom sailboats in the 45 to 59ft range.

Endeavour Yachts
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