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Formula Yachts is a family-owned company located in Decatur, Indiana, USA. Formula has a long history and is well-established in producing boats of uncompromising quality in every detail. Formula Yachts is recognized as one of todayís premier powerboats. Victor Porter is the Chairman of Formula Yachts, with four sons and a daughter active in the business. Vicís wife, Kris, aids in personnel records and also in special projects promoting Formula. Third-generation Porters are involved in the business, as well. Victor Porter celebrated 50 years in the boating industry at the 2009 Annual Dealer Meeting in Fort Myers, Florida. His goal has always been to build a viable, Decatur-based, yacht building company, and to that, he has succeeded very well. He first founded Duo, Inc. in 1958 in Decatur. By 1976, he purchased the Thunderbird/Formula/Signa/ brand from Fuqua Industries. Since then, the Formula brand has continued to be tops in the yachting industry under the watchful direction of Victor Porter.

Formula Yachts
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