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Trojan Yachts started out as a product of the Trojan Yacht Company, and the Trojan line of yachts survived buyouts until the early 2000ís. Most recently, Trojan Yachts was a division of Carver Boat Corporation in Pulaski, Wisconsin, owned by Genmar Holdings. Trojanís roots go back to 1949, the Trojan Boat Company, and a long-standing tradition of wooden boats. The final, early 2000ís Trojan yacht models were a line of express yachts created with no wood underneath the waterline, in 37 to 45-foot versions. Trojan held to the philosophy of not mass-producing yachts, but taking the craftsmanís way of building yachts. The yachts were constructed using the highest quality of materials, and featured a solid fiberglass hull. A Trojan express cruiser was used in the 1960ís television series ďSea Hunt.Ē

Trojan Yachts
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