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Catana Yachts yachts are made in France, and has been in business for over 30 years, with over 650 units produced. Catana yachts are made of sandwich foam with vacuum infusion technology and integration of carbon fiber and aramid (Twaron impact), aggregated by vinylester and polyester resins. This guarantees the stiffness and strength of structures, but with an increased velocity. Each Catana of a range of 42 to 70 feet is designed in close collaboration with its future owner. This approach to design "semi-custom" allows Catana to offer customers their choice of furnishings, decoration and equipment according to their own specifications. Each Cantana yacht is unique and with distinctive brand features. Performance, safety, durability, innovation, workmanship, attention to detail, all of a Catana yacht. Customers of Catana are never disappointed.

Catana Yachts
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