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Deerfoot Yachts famous sailing yachts were designed by an accomplished sailor and world renowned designer, Steve Dashew. Dashew, the owner of Dashew Offshore, conceptualized the Deerfoot yachts, which have a reputation for speed. The Deerfoot was Dashew’s first in a line of innovation designs, starting in 1978, and including the later-designed Sundeer. Various yards were the chosen sites for Deerfoot construction, including the leasing of Sample’s Shipyard on the coast of Maine. Designs for Dashew’s Deerfoot and Sundeer yachts included features such as moderate to light displacement, maximized waterline, and a hull that is easy to maneuver. The hulls of Deerfoot yachts were built using materials of aluminum and fiberglass. Sailing yachts such as the Deerfoot 61, 68, and 74 exhibited safety and comfort, and artfully blended classical and contemporary themes. The Deerfoot 62, for example, not only lets you cruise the world in comfort and style, but has impressive sailing characteristics that allow her to perform close hauled at 8-9 knots with only 14 knots over deck. Deerfoot Yachts are no longer in production.

Deerfoot Yachts
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