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Freedom Yachts has a full history of manufacturing yachts for worldwide sailing. Since 1976, over a thousand freestanding rig sailing yachts have been produced by Freedom, located in Middletown, Rhode Island. Freedom Yachts made the Freedom (sail) and Legacy (power) yacht brands. The Freedom sailboats have unstayed rigs, which means the mast is freestanding and not supported by the normal set of wires called standing rigging. Fiberglass hulls with directionally-oriented glass are in use at Freedom, which provides owners with a lighter weight, stronger hull. The core of the yachts is built with end-grain balsa wood, again lightening and strengthening the construction, as well as adding noise dampening to the hull. Freedom uses a labor-intensive process called tabbing to cinch interior furniture, and to make the yacht more sturdy. The port material is stainless steel, in place of the usual aluminum. Freedom sailing yachts range from 35 feet to 45 feet in length. The mast heights range from 54 feet to 63 feet.

Freedom Yachts
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