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Hans Christian Yachts began production in the early 1970s as a brand of heavily built cruising sailboats. Most designs are credited to Robert H. Perry, Harwood Ives, Scott Sprague and Tommy Chen. In the 1980s, Hans Christian Yachts commissioned the designing of a new series of boats based on a more modern hull design with the goal of building “ultimate cruising sailboat.” The end result was the Christina series with the 52 and 48 models designed by Doug Peterson and Scott Sprague. They also designed 40 and 43versions. Construction of the yachts was done in Taiwan at Horng Bin Marine Yacht boat yard. By the early 1990s, the molds and construction were moved to Thailand. In November 2004 production of the traditional range of Hans Christian Yachts was transferred from Andersen Yachts Ltd to Pantawee Marine Co., Ltd.Jack Hall and his wife Jum established Pantawee Marine Co., Ltd in 1986 as a wholly owned family boat building business located on the eastern seaboard of Thailand near the resort city of Pattaya. Jack has managed Andersen Yachts Ltd, the yard that manufactured Hans Christian Yachts from 1996 to 2004.

Hans Christian Yachts
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