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Irwin Yachts provide luxury sailing and cruising opportunities for owners. Ted Irwin has designed thousands of sailboats, built under the company Irwin Yacht International, in a large range of sizes: from 25 feet to 85 feet. The original company was based in both Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Florida. There has been a break in production since 1992, but Gene Gammon partnered with Ted Irwin to restart the Treasure Island, Florida company and produce a newer line of yachts to be built in Auckland, New Zealand, focusing on the larger sizes. These larger sizes are the 56, 72 and 85 yacht models, with the 56 and 72 models having a 10-knot cruising speed. Irwin Yacht International wants to attract the buyers who are looking to upgrade the size of their yacht in a custom, affordable manner.

Irwin Yachts
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