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Lancer Yachts Corporation is based in Irvine, California, USA. It was founded by Richard Valdez, former president of Columbia Yachts. The company manufactured a line of 14 models of sailing yachts and motor-sailers from 25 foot to 65 foot. The Lancer motor-sailers (designed by Herb David) were unique in that that they were equipped with single or twin engines making them capable of speeds in excess of 15 knots under power, and yet also performed tolerably well under sail. Lancer yachts were built at a facility shared with Endeavor Yachts, another company founded by Valdez. Lancer was sold to Bally, a New York Stock Exchange company, in 1983. The Lancer name and much of the tooling were sold to Newport Offshore Yachts of California; it is thought that no Lancers were built after 1986. Models include: LANCER 36,LANCER 25, LANCER 30-2, LANCER 29-3, LANCER 28, LANCER 30-4, LANCER 44, LANCER 30-3, LANCER 30-5,LANCER 42, LANCER 45, LANCER 39, LANCER 25, LANCER 28T MK5, LANCER 36 (FR), LANCER 40, LANCER 29 PS, LANCER 25 PS.

Lancer Yachts
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