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Saga Yachts resulted from Allan Poole, a sailboat builder and manager, and a small team of other builders coming together. In 1995, the company was formed in the popular boat-building area of St. Catharines, Ontario. The yachts today blend performance and luxury; they are built for speed, offer heavy detailing, and easy-to-care-for exteriors. Saga yachts can have a unique rig called the Variable Geometry Rig™, which is taken from the design of singly manned racing boats. Under a variety of sailing conditions, this rig allows for simple steering. The MAX-WATERLINE™ hull, a light displacement hull, uses less energy to achieve speeds of wider cruising yachts. Interior space is also increased, and a narrower beam can remain in Saga yachts. The current Saga yacht line includes the Saga 35, 43 and 48.

Saga Yachts
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