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Swan Yachts are the brand product of Nautorís Swan. Nautorís Swan has been building sailing yachts of both performance and luxury since its inception in 1966. The boat building yard for Swan yachts is Oy Nautor Ab, in Finland on the Gulf of Bothnia. Pekka Koskenkylš established Oy Nautor Ab. Practically all of the Swan yachts manufactured over the years are still used today. Research and development continuously searches for advanced techniques, while Nautor holds to the modular construction philosophy for Swan yachts. This research led to the unique process of manufacturing composite rudder stocks by means of resin transfer molding. Swan yachts are built in various sizes from 45 feet to a superyacht at 112 feet in length. Nautorís Swan holds the yearly Swan Cup, a sailing race known worldwide.

Swan Yachts
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