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Vosper Thornycroft Yachts began as the John I. Thornycroft & Company Limited, a British shipbuilding company founded in 1866. It was usually known just as “Thornycroft.” They moved to Wooston, Southampton, England in 1908 and merged with Vosper & Company in 1966, forming Vosper & Thornycroft. Vospers was a British shipbuilding company based in Portsmouth, England. Thornycroft & Sons was building wooden yachts in Singapore in the 1960s. In 2010 the company was absorbed by Babcock International who retained the UK and international operations, but sold the US based operations to the American Jordan Company, who took the name VT Group. Thornycroft built what would become the first torpedo boat, the Rap, for Norway in 1873. This was followed by HMS Lightning for the Royal Navy in 1877. John I. Thornycroft died in June 1928. His role as chairman of the company had been taken by his son, John Edward Thornycroft, in 1908. In July, 1960 John Ward Thornycroft, replaced his father, John Edward, as chairman of the company.

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