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Westsail Yachts began in 1971 when S. Snyder Vick, a young electrical engineer, and his wife Lynne, bought the molds for the Kendall 32 from Kendall Yacht Corporation. Kendall and five other employees were hired to continue production. The Westsail 32, a production fiberglass sailboat, was manufactured between 1971 and 1980. Approximately 830 of the boats were built, about half of them in kit form. They are often referred to as the “W32.” The Westsail 32 was heavily built, and meant to carry an incredible load, making it an excellent, seaworthy cruising boat. They have a comfortable and roomy interior. The Westsail was directly derived from the earlier Kendall 32, of which only a few were made. The Westsail 32 had a great impact on the cruising world, and on the boat industry. The most immediate impact, of course, was on the 800-plus owners of the boats built, and the massive no-nonsense construction. The overwhelming majority of the boats are still fully seaworthy, and hold their resale value very well. They are often cited as the epitome of a seaworthy cruising boat. The Westsail 32 design has a long history, with its’ hull shape descended from the double-ended pilot and rescue boats designed by the Norwegian naval architect Colin Archer.

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